People treat you as well as you treat yourself. They will also pay you what you believe you are worth.

If you want to become the go-to person in your sector, be able to raise your profile and your prices first you must learn how to believe in yourself long before anyone else ever will.

It begins when you start valuing your time.

Time is the one commodity we all take for granted, but we will never be rich enough or successful enough to buy it back.

Q. How much do you believe your time is worth day-to-day?

Q. How much are you currently paying yourself to do other people’s jobs?

Are you wandering from products to programs, blogs, to posts, to videos, to events, searching for people with the answer to the questions that you are asking?

Questions like…

  • Why is it so hard to…?
  • Why can’t there be an easier way?
  • Why don’t I have enough time?
  • Can you help me make more sales?
  • Can you get me better quality leads?

“The quality of the question you ask dictates the quality of the answer you receive.”  Abigail Barnes

When you make the decision to run your business like a resourceful problem-solving business leader with a success plan, that you put into action, respond to the results and making the necessary adjustments to tackle the (inevitable) hurdles then you will start to notice a change in your results.

Have you ever noticed how quickly a new building is erected, when for months it was a building site?

Building a business is just the same, spend the time on a creating a solid foundation and watch how fast it grows once you know your worth, have a plan and have a clear mission and vision, understand the problems that you solve and the value that you add.

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