MeditationAt a recent 4N Networking lunch in Shoreditch London, Kym Wymer from Happy Days Coaching shared her story and spoke to us about empowering your mindset.

‘You get what you expect in life, and you get what you tell yourself you deserve.’

She wasn’t there to share anything that we didn’t already know. Success she explained is only available to those people who are willing to apply the learning’s, let go of their stories, and change their habits and beliefs, which is the work that she does with her clients.

Many people are not actually aware of what they are saying to themselves in their head all day long. Things like ‘bad things always happen to me’ or ‘I can’t do xyz…because’ or ‘I am a positive person but…there is always another problem round the corner so I won’t get too excited about this opportunity…’

You get the outcome of your thoughts. Bad things happen because you believed that they would so they do, you can’t do XYZ, because you told yourself that you couldn’t do it anyway! Just like there will always be a problem because you believe that bad always follow good.

Scientists have carried out much research into the implications of negativity. There is only one outcome and it’s not a good one.

Only you can stop your mind chatter, have you thought about meditation? Do you know what it is?

For a very long time it wasn’t something that I was ever going to do either, chanting and taking time out to ‘not think about things’ the idea did not fill me with a feeling of peace. In fact quite the opposite…I believed it was all a big waste of ‘woo woo’ time…until I listened to a guided meditation that is.

“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change!” Wayne Dyer

I had focused on a word that I didn’t really understand, feared feeling something that I had never felt and let my feeling block an experience.

Having written a book about Time Management I am more aware than most of the ticking of time. I am also aware of how easy an activity is to complete when you come from a relaxed mindset. For me meditation (or whatever you want to call it) helps you to start each day in a great headspace.

I was recommended to try an app (free from the app store) called Headspace…It is a great place for someone new to meditation to begin there are also lots of free options available on YouTube. There is no right or wrong, it comes down to personal taste, so find a teacher that works for you.

For more information about the Author of Out of the Shadows, Kim Wymer and the work that she does at Happy Days Coaching as a positive empowerment coach please check out her website and to find out more about me Abigail Barnes Author of Time Management for Entrepreneurs by looking around the website,  did you download your FREE 5 Top Tips to immediately get more time TODAY!