Just over two years ago I wrote a book about Time Management for Entrepreneurs which shares top tips and strategies for effective Time Management, something that almost every single business owner that I meet tells me that they would love to have more of!

The Procrastinators Anonymous Club with Abigail BarnesThe book contains exercises, and case studies from some very successful business men and women who share their own proven strategies.

While writing the book I identified 6 archetypes that people fall into, all of which affects how much time a person does or doesn’t have as a result of how much they embody each characteristic.


  1. Social Media Junkie
  2. Chatter Box
  3. Care Bear
  4. Jack of all trades
  5. Procrastination
  6. Travel Bunny

As a qualified coach one of the things that we are taught is to respect our clients, and to empower them with the knowledge that they have all of the answers inside them.  It is not for me to play some kind of annoying Sherlock Holmes role and point out their self-sabotage without permission.

When I check in with anyone that has bought a copy of the book (hard copy or a ebook) I get one of two responses;

  1. I loved it, I have started applying what you recommend and I found it massively helpful. Much of the content I already knew, but I wasn’t applying it.  When I started to make the small changes that I learnt in the book amazing things started to happen – I now have so much more time!
  2. I haven’t really had time to read your book, but it is on my list of things to do…I will get around to it though!

My response to person 1, is pure joy for them, that they have found the courage to take action and that they are reaping the results. My response to person 2, is understanding, you see I know where they are coming from…I used to make excuses for why I couldn’t live my own life today.

As I said above as a coach I have no right to lecture or berate anyone who falls into the number 2 response but this year I decided to take the bull by the horns and confront what I believe to be the biggest reason that people self sabotage themselves and that is Procrastination.

So this year I started The Procrastinators Breakthrough Club. My vision for this club is to demonstrate to others that it is the stories that we tell ourselves that keep us locked in our own mental prisons of self sabotage, and that by admitting that we tell stories to ourselves we are able to begin the journey towards mental freedom, and to start creating the life of our dreams.

I called it The Procrastinators Breakthrough Club to encourage people to attend the event and to meet with other people just like them (normal) who share the same ‘dirty secret’ and to realise that they are not alone, that as humans EVERYONE procrastinates over something at certain times in their life.

It is not a dirty secret, it is actually your mind thinking that it is keeping you safe from the unknown…and in truth the only person that you are hiding the revelation, that you procrastinate from (over doing things that scare you)… is YOU!

So join me for the next monthly event and make this year the year that you finally took control of your life and started to create the life that you want to live!

Now is your time to live – Abigail Barnes

Because if not now, then when?

Book your free place here today, and bring a friend along, there is a lot of time dedicated to networking at the event as I believe that face to face connection is massively missing in our lives today!