Spinning Bikes - Abigail Barnes, success comes down to disciplineI first attended the Monday 12.15pm spinning class in the first week of January, with little thought about resolutions and new beginnings.

I had a goal in my head (be bikini ready by Easter) and in my experience spinning after running is the most efficient way to do this. Sadly after 2 years of running 26 miles a week my knees are not what they used to be and so spinning it was.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next…

Week 1 – It was mayhem I had arrived 10 mins early to get back into the saddle (set up my bike etc) five minutes after my arrival it was like a half price sale at Harrods, I have never seen so many people flood in to do a class. Needless to say 6 people didn’t get one of the 40 coveted bikes.

Business Lesson 1: Be ahead of your competition if you want to be in the game.

Week 2 – Again I arrived 10 mins early so as to guarantee my bike, this time only 3 people were unlucky, and now it seemed they would start taking the register to ensure that only those who had booked could participate.

Business Lesson 2: There are rules, but don’t rely on them to save you.

Week 3 – Coincided with the most depressing day of the month (January) and there was a noticeable downturn in attendance. Shockingly there were even 3 empty bikes.

Business Lesson 3: Consistency is the key to success

Week 4 – With the end of January approaching moral was back up again and the class was again full. The instructor was noticeable pleased and enjoys teaching us about the art of professional bike riding, so we did a 5 an 8 and a 10 minute cardio session. My go for the burn exercise mind didn’t really like this approach but I learned my next lesson.

Business Lesson 4: Slow and steady wins the race, consistency is the key to success. Business is a marathon not a sprint.

Week 5 – A new month, moral was noticeable higher, the instructor chirped away like a spring bird and at the end of the class he reminded us of our achievement, but stated that to still be there in April was the benchmark! Attendance has to become a habit, not an option.

Business Lesson 5: Goal setting is the key to success, set your goal, aim for it and then set a manageable pace to achieve it!

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