Love Blog ImageLove is life’s ultimate teacher. When you do what you love, you are letting love guide your actions, and you are letting love inspire you. You are truly living your life and making the most of your time!

If you are not doing this, then you are just existing, and that is not living. That is the empty hollowness that consumes your mind, it is the lonely feeling that drives you to drink, drugs, sex with people that don’t really care about you so that in those moments you can ‘feel a little better’.

It is the habit of watching mindless trash TV, while eating processed fat filled food (that doesn’t actually even end up making you feel better after all). In fact it keeps you trapped because you are still unhappy and feel empty, but now on top of that you also feel fat and unattractive.

It is a cycle that most of people live in, or are recovering from! It is a habit that needs to be replaced with something new – something that is so simple that it is initially over looked, sneer at it for all its stupidity even.

It is LOVE.

How can love have all the answers to my problems?!?!

I am not talking about crap Valentines cards kind of love, the set meals for two sort of thing. I am talking about when you learn to truly love yourself, perfectly imperfect, just as you are – that is when you will start to truly live and love your life. This is a life long romance that you can start with yourself any time you like.

Despite what the adverts, newspapers, magazines, the TV tells you about what makes for a happy fulfilled life – the answer is actually stupidly simple.

You make your life happy and fulfilled by choosing to love yourself and everyone around you. When you learn to stop judging yourself and just love yourself you will stop judging others.

Live your life, love yourself and use your time thoughtfully, don’t live for the activities of tomorrow, for your annual holiday. The journey with its highs and lows is your life, and the clock is already running. How long you get is not your concern, it is what you do with what you have now that will dictate the kind of life that you get to live.  Self-love is a romance for life!