What I learned about procrastination while waiting outside my yoga class. by Abigail BarnesWhile waiting outside my VERY popular Yoga class last week. A fellow class mate and I passed the time with that polite 5-minute chat  which goes like this‘’what do you do, oh interesting, what do you do…” .

You know the drill, only, this time, I decided that I would really tell someone what I do, rather than the usual oh you know…So I told her that I run a monthly meet up called the Procrastinators Breakthrough Club.

Instead of her looking over my shoulder for the Fire Exit, she actuallybegan to tell me about her own procrastination habits.

It transpires that she does what Amanda C Watts, (this months guest speaker) shared with us in her presentation at last weeks March Procrastinators Breakthrough Club.

Which due to popular demand (from those people unable to attend) we will be covering in a joint Webinar on 12 April at 8pm GMT. Sign up details to follow later this week.

My class mate loves the buzz of the last minute deadline. Like many of us do too, she told me that she thrives on the adrenaline rush that comes fromworking to the wire.

So I set her a challenge, I encouraged her to try out my 2-Deadline Method.  This is where you set yourself a pre-deadline, and create version 1, and thenedit that and deliver version 2 for the final deadline.


Sounds a bit dull I hear ya, and also slightly unrealistic because you know when the final deadline is so you will never be able to motivate yourselfto deliver version 1 for deadline 1 right?!


This model is about teaching you how to become disciplined, and to raise the standard of how you choose to live your life. Therefore, changing the results you start getting.

I am a recovering adrenaline junkie myself. BUT ever since I discovered the power of the 2-Deadline Method. This Method has allowed me to deliver a much better product/service/presentation (Not perfect I want to add because striving for perfect is a procrastination trap in itself) to my clients/readers/JV partners.

This method requires me to factor in time to create, review, and edit. Therefore ensuring that what I deliver is my best work, not the result of procrastination and a lack of personal control over my business and my life.

So how is it done?

In the early days as you go about making this way of working your new standard of what you expect from yourself you will need to find an accountability buddy (someone that is also keen to raise their standard of living too) and asks them to hold you to deadline 1.

You will need to incentivise yourself to deliver to this deadline using things like money and embarrassing pictures held by them to be spent/released should you fail to deliver.

After a few months of this you will no longer need to use things to bribeyourself (because you will have raised the standard of what you expect from yourself) and then your accountability buddy will be able to switchinto being your unconditional cheerleader.

When it doesn’t work

As with all things in life you have to want to raise your standard of living. Thiswon’t work if you are not willing to try another way.

“If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always  got” – Henry Ford

What can you expect from making this change?

Your current way of living and the actions that you are taking is creating the lifestyle that you are living, the money that is/is not in your bank account, the car you drive, the house that you live in, the clothes that you wear, the holidays that you do/do not take, the satisfaction that you do/do not feel about your life, and your overall feelings ofhappiness/unhappiness.

When you change an action or behaviour you change your results.

A professional athlete wins because they train, even when they don’t want to, they learn and improve from coaching and mentors that show them the way.

They are disciplined enough to train until their reality is a reflection of the effort that they commit to their passion.

Join me for the next Procrastinators Breakthrough Club on 19 April 2016 at 6.30pm in We Work Spitalfields.


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