The Procrastinators Breakthrough Club






We are now The Procrastinators Breakthrough Club.

As a marketing expert I advise my clients to create a brand that communicated what they do. As such I am a huge fan of the ‘Ronseal Marketing’ approach let your business name say exactly what you do.

My primary goal for the Procrastinators Breakthrough Members Club is to teach Members how they can breakthrough their business and life procrastination habits to create the life they want.

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Testimonials from attendees in January:

Take action to remove the fear and procrastination, you have nothing to lose.



I am so glad that I came, I had so many insights and I know that I can work through those procrastination habits.



Abigail is very passionate and warm and believes in what she is doing. If you want a good kickstart you should definitely come along.



One of the key things that I take away from tonight is that you have to keep stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s no good just doing it once in a while, it is a permanent practise. This would be ideal for anyone with a tendency to procrastinate.



I thought tonight was fantastic, I thought Abigail was incredibly authentic, I would definitely recommend this event.



This is going to kick your ass in 2016.