Procrastinators Anonymous Club - Abigail BarnesLast week I launched The Procrastinators Anonymous Club the first meet-up for this group will be 6 January 2016.

My motivation for launching the club is two fold. Firstly as the author of a book about Time Management (Time Management for Entrepreneurs) I am constantly being asked how someone who is already time poor can find the time to read my book, and make the changes necessary to live the life of their dreams. Secondly as a result of these conversations and my mission to make more people aware that:

Your time is your life, and now is your time to live it!  – Abigail Barnes

I realised I had to go back a step and focus on why people had no time in the first place…

The Procrastinators Anonymous Club is for you if:

  • You are fed up of hearing yourself make the same old excuses,
  • You can’t face continuously feeling overwhelmed, guilty and anxious
  • You find yourself unable to make decisions because you are drowning in data
  • You keep putting your life off until tomorrow

Q. Do you have a nagging feeling that you could be living the life of your dreams if only you could work out how to stop procrastinating?

You want to take the steps to change your reality but you don’t have any idea where to start, or how to do it…

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Making changes can be scary…

Right now:

  • You can cope with the overwhelm because you are so used to it
  • You know how to deal with the drama it has become your life
  • You know that you can keep limping along

But you feel:

  • Worried the wheels are going to come off some time soon
  • You don’t know how long you can keep spinning all the plates
  • Scared that you are making yourself sick and then you won’t be able to work and pay the bills

You are not alone…

Don’t delay – book your place today. CLICK HERE to register your free place.

The Procrastinators Anonymous Club has been designed especially for you, the Anonymous Procrastinator who wants to discover how to escape the constant feelings of overwhelm, guilt, confusion and avoidance and start creating the business and life of your dreams, but doesn’t want to do it alone.

The Procrastinators Anonymous Club is a monthly meet-up for people who are ready to escape these feelings, recognsie the benefits of change, and are ready to proactively create a business and life on their own terms. People who want to jump out of bed everyday full of energy and enthusiasm when the alarm goes off!

I have spent the past 2 years learning from thought leaders, coaches and business experts to create my first book (Time Management for Entrepreneurs) and coaching business.

I have applied these tried and tested methods in my own business and life. I learned that there is no magic pill for success, but by taking continuous action amazing results are possible.

These strategies are now used to help self confessed Procrastinators transform into happy and fulfilled business owners who love the lifestyle that they have created.

The Procrastinators Anonymous Club will help you understand how you can design and create the business and life of your dreams, and enjoy being the boss of your own life.

If you are fed up of making excuses, want to stop feeling overwhelmed and need to take control of your life, then book your place now.

Join me on 6 January 2016 and start creating the life you want to live today.

Don’t delay – book your place today. CLICK HERE to register your free place.

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