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It's simple to build a business and create the lifestyle that you want, but not easy.

You're getting overwhelmed, confused and frustrated by all the information out there.

Day to do day you're browsing the internet, watching videos to get inspired, attending events and buying yet another course to fix the problem.

Basically you're letting FOMO run the show!

The trouble is the more you learn, the less you know.

I've got news for you it's not actually about learning more.

The challenge is how you identify and uncover the knowledge you already have.

You know exactly what to do but you're making it complicated, because you've taken tips and tactics from too many 'experts'.

It's time to start flying with the eagles!

It's time to simplify things.


That's where the Success by Design 5-Week Program™ comes in.

This program is designed to help you work out the answer to the question that keeps you awake at night.


Q. What should I do next?


Not knowing the answer to this question is keeping you trapped.

Once you identify the answer, you'll uncover your purpose. It that will give you the motivation, clarity and focus you need to take the next step.

Identifying your purpose will keep you motivated on the toughest of days.

Over the next 5-Weeks you will use this framework to access your inner wisdom.

Time Freedom Framework

Time Freedom Formula


But that was just the warm up!


Getting started is hard, but keeping going is the hardest part


That's is exactly why I created the Success by Design 5-Week Program

The 5-Week Program will help up you find the answers you need for success.

Giving you a formula to stay focused and on track!

It's soo easy to get distracted by shiny objects, and what other people are doing.

During the program you will learn how to create the new habits you need to remain focused and on plan (especially when the going gets tough).

And I have created the environment essential for success, with a community of inspired and motivated people who like you are committed to do whatever it takes.

"On the journey of life you will encounter obstacles, don't let yourself be one of them" - Abigail Barnes


What makes this Program different from others out there?

As I said earlier the problem isn't that you don't know what to do.

The problem is you're too overwhelmed to implement what you know because your suffering from information overload.

I know how you feel, I have been there, this program is the exact steps that I am following to create the business and lifestyle I want too!

Over the next 5-Weeks you will go from information overload and no results, to a simple implementation plan that gets you results when you put it into action.

Taking you from where you are today to creating your success by design.


Success by Design 5-Week Program  - Overview:

  • 5-Week Time Freedom Foundation Training (Worth £297)
  • 30 Min Online 1:1 Strategy Session (Worth £157)
  • Online Member Only Training Platform (Training Vault)
  • Online Accountability Group

 Success by Design 5-Week Program

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"Success by Design came at the perfect time - I was looking to review the way I worked and make positive changes for 2018. I enjoyed the videos which got me inspired and made me challenge myself and the way I think and see myself and business. I particularly enjoyed doing the worksheets as there's nothing quite like writing something down pen to paper. I'm feeling positive and excited for what the year has in store and am ready to own it!"

“Abigail is straight to the point, very knowledgeable and leads by example.”

It’s impossible to overestimate the impact that proper planning and goal setting can have on life. In the weeks since the program my professional and business life has taken off. Abby sets everything out in a clear and comprehensive manner. The content was well delivered and has impacted my decision making and time management on a day to day basis. I can’t thank Abby enough for creating a space where ambitious, enthusiastic entrepreneurs can not only dream, but also begin to make those dreams a reality!

"Brilliant training"

I'm part of Abigail's Members Club and it's giving me access to an international network of supportive and ambitious business owners. The content and value Abigail provides during the Strategy Calls I have with her are amazingly powerful. Her tools and feedback help me to have a razor sharp focus and support me to work a lot smarter than I did before. Now I know how to bring my business to a next level.

“Hardcore wisdom from Abigail” 

"I am behind on some things and doing well on others. Overall, I am pleased! I'm defo behind on the training sessions here and have a goal to take the time to watch the latest. I did a good first pass at a wish board but keep thinking of things I want to add! I have done 3 exercise classes this year (which is 3 more than last year) and on track with bare minimum of 1 per week. I have become more disciplined with career related things and continue ahead at a slow but steady pace. Overall very good and I like these reminders to keep on pushing x"

"I’ve been really struggling with imposter syndrome this week but just when I needed a kick up the ass it came in two forms. To reinforce to me that I’m on the right path and doing what I should be. However I have totally taken that energy and turned it around and pushed two projects forward today. Lots of progression over the last 16 days but this blip I recognise as part of my journey. And reassurance comes from the most unexpected sources."

"I too am struggling so far this year. I've signed up for 5 different Online Seminars & haven't set aside time to do a single one, so beating myself up about it.

Feeling overwhelmed as I don't know what to do first & so many loose ends to tie up! This program has given me a place to get support and have my  questions answered."

"Thank you for this. I've just listened to the Week 1 Training and saved pictures for my vision board - have never done that before but it's so powerful! Now I just need to print them off (& cut them down!) & create the actual board!"

"From the Week 3 training I remembered common sense baby steps totally over looked, living at today's fast pace! Common sense thinking to make me STOP and really look at what I'm doing each day."

"The use of travel time was a big learning point for me this year when I read your time management book. If I am on the train or plane I always have a book and notebook and am conscious about using the time. Even if using the time is looking out of the window on purpose to see what is going on!"

"From this week's training I realised that the people I spend the most time with aren't inspiring and it's not really where I want to be."

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