When you wake up – By changing the way you view your email and you will be surprised how much more productive you can become this week.

Emails are other people’s requirements so by checking them first thing in the morning they impact the plans that you already had in place.

Try this simple tip, to take control back and start your day by doing the tasks you had planned to do, not the ones someone else thinks you should be doing for them.

The above recommendation was part of this week’s Productivity Tuesday Email. Below is one of the replies that I got in response to this email.

“Great email! Yesterday you were top of my inbox. I read the first line (✋ Stop checking your emails…) then logged out of emails set my timer for an hour and wrote my marketing strategy and blog planner for 2018. Super productive. In the afternoon I got a call from one of my dream clients who had found me because I’d finally posted the blog on LinkedIn which had been a to-do for a week!

I’ve since sent them a proposal…fingers crossed!

Thanks for doing what you do, it makes such a difference”

I’d love to hear your thoughts, do you check your email first thing in the morning?

Email me [email protected] and tell me how this tip works out for you 🙂