Procrastinating Pug

Procrastination is often described as time wasting and some people even associate it with being lazy or stupid.

A more accurate and surmountable way to describe it is your internal resistance mechanism.

You have a task or activity to complete that you either;

1. Don’t know how to do
2. Don’t like doing
3. Don’t want to do, because the outcome is unknown

What’s happened is that you’ve made up a story in your head. You’ve made doing X mean Y.

Therefore you are resisting doing what needs to be done.

Have you ever walked a dog, and for half the walk you’re dragging it along, and then for the other half of the walk you’re being dragged by it?

Your internal resistance is like that dog, and unless you like being dragged and dragging things around day in day out there is only one solution. Training.

Just like you train a dog to walk and to obey your commands you must train yourself to do the same.

  • – Is it simple? Incredibly
  • – Is it easy? Not at all
  • – Will it be worth it? 100%

The moment you l learn how to motivate yourself, to recognise, and then to overcome your own resistance mechanism everything in your business and life will start to flow with grace and ease.

What do you find yourself procrastinating over the most often?