Never sell time, sell solutions_Abigail Barnes

Someone has a problem, they need to buy a solution……

You have the answer to their problem.

“You get paid for the results you deliver, not the hours you work!” – Abigail Barnes

This reminds me of the story about the plumber that was called round to fix a broken boiler.

It goes something like this, they walked into the room, approached the boiler reviewed it from all sides. Went back to their bag and extracting what they needed walked back up to the boiler and kicked it.

It spluttered back to life and the property owner left the room to make a cup of tea.

Five minutes later they were presented with the bill for the job and promptly spluttered on their tea.

“How can you charge me £100.05 for kicking my boiler back into life”

To which the plumber replied,

“£100 was for knowing which part of the boiler to kick, and 5p is for the washer that needed replacing.”

The moral of the story is that an expert never sells time, they sell the solution to a problem.

The speed with which they can resolve the problem is not an indication that it was an easy problem to fix.

It is an indication that they are an expert, and therefore it takes them less time because they do this day in day out.

The second moral of the story that you will save time by investing in working with experts.

Time is always harder to buy than money is to make.