Now is my time to live, ABIGAIL BARNES







I am SO excited I can hardly type for wanting to shout this from the rooftops. Anyone who has ever wondered what their WHY is in life will surely understand what it feels like to have finally figured it out!

The Journey

The journey began at 8am on Saturday 25 February 2012. I had woken up in guest bedroom of my friends parents house in Boston, United States. She had come in to see if I was awake. I was, and we were gossiping (as girls do) about how we should spend the day. Plans involved shopping and coffee and cocktails…the usual things that girls get up to when they meet up.

Suddenly I felt a blinding pain in my head, and apologising I laid down, putting the dizziness down to a delayed hangover. You see I had flown in from London the night before and had made friends with the air steward who’d ensured that I enjoyed my ‘business class bubble fuelled flight’ (I’d earned it I had been pulling 70hr weeks to prepare for the business trip which was to begin the following week).

Blinding Pain

The blinding pain didn’t go away, in fact it was getting worse by the minute and to top it off I was now feeling sick. Perhaps it was food poisoning, or a migraine I remember thinking…at this point my friends Mother popped her head in to check on the guest. Thank goodness that she did because despite me not wanting to ‘cause a fuss’ she correctly read situation and called an ambulance.

For the full detailed version of this story please CLICK HERE.

24 Hours Later

24 hours later and after much poking, prodding, CT Scans and finally an MRI scan we had a diagnosis…At the ripe old age of 32 I’d had a stroke!

And no it wasn’t because of the flight, or the booze on the plan, I hadn’t developed DVT (it’s amazing how suddenly everyone is a Dr). It was a one in a million knock on my neck that had created a blood clot, which chose that morning to dislodge.


I am alive, with no visible disabilities. I am a stroke survivor and my near death experience has caused me to reevaluate how I lived my life, and to radically change how I now live it.

A New Path

I wrote a book called Time Management for Entrepreneurs. Then I set up my own business AB Training & Development and have spent the past 18 months working out what my WHY is for this business. Finally today it all fell into place.


I run the UK’s only Time Management Training & Development business solely focused on creating time freedom.

I am the author of Time Management for Entrepreneurs a book that has helped over 100 Business Owners & Entrepeneur to turn their time into profit.

My mission is help 1 million Business Owners & Professionals to design an awesome life that they can’t wait to live!

My Goal Setting for Success Program has been designed to get Business Owners & Professionals started on the journey to designing the awesome life that they can’t wait to live.

If you are anyone you know is ready to take the next step then my next 1-Day Program is being held in central London on 20 October 2015. There are limited places so if this is for you then book now.

Please also contact me with any other questions about how we could work together to help you design your awesome life.

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