My ABC of #Periscope

I am not an early adopter when it comes to new social media platforms, but I am definitely a first wave early majority.

This month I am getting to grips with Periscope. A live streaming app which was launched earlier this year (2015) and was quickly bought by Twitter for $100m.  It has 10m registered users, and of that 2m are active!

Like Instagram this is a mobile device based app that you set up and use on your iPhone/android only. You sign into Periscope with your twitter account.

Here is my ABC of Periscope for brand you & your business:

A – Authentic

Be authentic this is a live streaming platform that allows you to show viewers and the real you. As we know people buy people (which means, that you will never have competition as long as you remain authentic).  This is real life, no retakes, no editing, no filters platform.

B – Broadcast

Broadcast frequently to build your following, and grow your tribe. Your broadcasts only remain viewable on your account for 24 hours as a replay (you can save them and publish them on YouTube, there is a function in the settings that allows you to do this).

C – Content

Share valuable and meaningful content to standout and grow a profile that reflects who you are as a business/business owner. People like @hilaryrushford and @coachglitter have been sharing some great, honest, and valuable content about their own business journeys and top tips.

There are a number of useful video’s on YouTube teaching you the basics about how to broadcast, follow and create interesting/valuable content.

My top tip is use this platform to share the authentic you and build a tribe that responds to that. We are all born unique, let periscope showcase that.

I will be doing my first live broadcast at 10.30am GMT on Monday 19 October (my birthday!) where I will be going into greater detail about my ABC of Periscope.

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