Don't Give Up - Master your Procrastination

It’s often described as time wasting or laziness.

It’s the things you do – instead of the thing you need to do.

But you’re not silly you know you need to get it done, so why do you procrastinate?


1. You don’t know how to do it

2. You don’t like doing it

3. You don’t want to do it (because the outcome is unknown)

You are making up stories…

Resisting what NEEDS to be done.

I had an interesting conversation with a business owner today who doesn’t like sales…So they do everything else on their to-do list but miss out the selling activities.

Last time I checked the bank don’t accept blog posts and Linkedin connections for mortgage payments!

So what is the answer…

Take action in spite of fear, fall in LOVE with your goal and fail forward.

To quote the well-known book by Susan Jeffers “You gotta feel the fear and do it anyway!

Is it simple? Incredibly

Is it easy? No

Will it be worth it? 100%

The moment you learn how to motivate yourself, take action in spite of fear, make fear your friend, get stupidly excited about the results, you will stop sabotaging your own success…


>>What do you find yourself procrastinating over most often?