Abigail Barnes_Time Management Focus training

Last night I taught attendees of my event 1 simple strategy, that they as small business owners can apply to avoid the inevitable distractions of modern day living.

Remaining focused on completing their to-do list without getting overwhelmed, or feeling frazzled, frustrated and burned out.

For ease of explanation I jokingly asked attendees to imagine that an average working day was 9am – 5pm…so you will have to do the same.

You will notice the straight line from 9am – 5pm. That is an ideal day, of 100% focused time, and zero distractions from start to finish.

Sadly that is not real life – real life is a roller coast of distractions and periods of focus, a cocktail of procrastination and productivity (motivating highs and energy lows).

>> The simple strategy that I taught is called Reward Visualising.

  • Step 1: What to you want to do when your to-do list is completed
  • Step 2: Why do you want to do it?
  • Step 3: How could you do it with?
  • Step 4: Close your eyes and anchor a vision of you doing it, see what it looks like, feel what it feels like, smell what it smells like, taste what it taste like and hear what it sounds like
  • Step 5: Remember this vision every time you distract yourself, or you are distracted by others
  • Step 6: Focus on your tasks, and ENJOY your reward
  • Step 7: REPEAT tomorrow

DISCLAIMER: For this strategy to be successful it relies on you to create a realistic to-do list.

1. Remember, Rome was not built in a day (chunk goals down into actionable task/activities)

2. You should not be doing tasks that are less than your hourly rate (outsources as soon as you can afford it if you want to grow your business, do this one task at a time)

3. Send as much time as possible where you add the most value (if you don’t know how to do something, then hire an expert, your business needs you to do the business, see point 2 above)