Start Today – Why does Goal Setting matter?

 – Have you ever tried to drive somewhere without a map?

 – Did you get lost?

 – How did it make you feel not knowing where you were, or where you were going?


A business or life without goals is a directionless, meaningless & unfulfilling existence.

We are here to live, to love and to have fun doing it”– Abigail Barnes

In order to get the most of out your business and life (the time that you have) setting goals means that you have things to work towards.

I have created my Goal Setting for your Awesome Life Program to help you set goals for your business and life that are believable, desirable and exciting.

One of the biggest things that I learned about life as a result of having a stroke at the age of 32 is that you have to live what you have right now, and that you have to enjoy what it is that you are doing.

The Program that I have created helps you to identify what is stopping you right now (Procrastination) what you can do to overcome it, we go through exercises for creating goals/projects and then transfer them to a 12 month plan.

I will be holding a LIVE event on 20 October 2015 in central London where you  will have the opportunity go through the training in realtime, and have all your questions answered on the spot, and leaving with a 12 month plan.

Places are limited to register your interest and to find out more please email [email protected]