This week’s tips are focused on helping you create a productive work environment as well as maximising your network for success.

Every Tuesday I  share 3 Tips to help you increase your Productivity.

1. Clean your workspace

An untidy desk, won’t help you get more productive. Piles of paperwork, post it notes, other people’s old business cards, food, empty tea cups etc…Spend 15 minutes tidying up today.

A tidy desk will help you create an organised mind.

2. Begin your day with the biggest task first

Start every day with your most complex tasks and responsibilities. The first couple of hours of your day are your most powerful.

You are rested, recharged and ready to go. Completing this task will set you on a positive footing for the rest of the day as every other activity will be much easier in comparison.

3. Double your Productivity with collaborations

You live in an interconnected world, thanks to the variety of platforms available you are more likely to experience two-degrees of separation from the people that can help you work smarter and not harder.

There is someone in your team/network that is a wizard at something you struggle with. Audit your network, have conversations and collaborate for success.

**I mentioned this tip at a recent training event I spoke at.**

Interestingly enough the problem one attendee had, the skills that they struggled to master were the exact match for the person sat right next to them!


Tune in next Tuesday for 3 more tips to keep you productive & maximising your businesses greatest resource, your time.

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