TIME Method with Abigail BarnesWith the New Year fast approaching spend an hour on the TIME Method and check that you are set for 2016. On the road to success you need a plan.

For this exercise you will need a pen, paper and an alarm set for an hour, spend 15 minutes writing answers for each of the four letters listed below.

TIME Method

T – take stock of where you are right now,

  • What have you achieved in 2015, are you on track with your plans, do you have a plan?
  • Would you like more clients, where do you get your new leads from, how do you propose to get more new leads in 2016?
  • How effective has your marketing been, what would you like to do more of, or less of in 2016?
  • Do you have enough time to run your business and your life, would you like more time, how could you have more time, would you like to learn how to outsource?

I – imagine the future (2016 and beyond) you are getting the results that you want, are you are living the life of your dreams, do you have enough time, are you stress free no longer overwhelmed or feel guilty and you are finally happy?

  • On your piece of paper I want you to write for 15 minutes about what you see all around you, how you are feeling, what you can hear, what you can smell and how the clothes that you are wearing feel on your skin, lose yourself in this place and keep writing.

M – make a plan for how to achieve those results

  • Now I want you to list all of the things that you can do to make this future that you just imagined possible, could you read a book, listen to an audio, take a course, attend an event, speak to a friend, peer, coach, go to a networking event…
  • In order to move forward in the beginning you will need to look for answers and support outside of yourself. The thinking that you do right now is getting you the results that you are getting. To take those results to the next level you will need to speak to others on the same journey as you and learn from them. You have all the answers to your dilema’s don’t get me wrong, but to release them speaking with others is the key that allows them to flow.

E – evaluate the outcomes and the effectiveness of the actions that you have taken.

  • This stage of the method is to remind you to review the actions that you take, there is no right or wrong action, there is only the action you take and the lessons that you learn from each action. You can’t expect to get results without taking action. When you detach from the ‘fear’ of the outcome you will grow as a business owner and your business will grow too.
  • For now I want you to list all the ways that you can evaluate the results of the actions that you can take, such as increased number of new leads, conversation of the leads, increase in turnover, and gross profit. How much more time do you have to dedicate to growth strategies, how will you measure that time, can you create a new timetable for your week which includes delegation, briefings and reviews.

Is 2016 the year to confront your own fears of success and failure and discover how to keep on running through them and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams, are you ready to dare to dream?

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