Fail to plan - plan to failDon’t get me wrong I am not advocating that you spend days, weeks, months, years even, creating a plan thick enough to act as a door stop.

What I am saying is have a plan, have some kind of idea about the business that you want to create/evolve, and the life/lifestyle you want to live as a result of that business.

The secret to getting ahead, is getting started – Mark Twain

A plan gives you a reason to get up everyday, it gives you something to work towards, a direction to aim at.

Tie your plans to emotions, what will it feel like when you achieve them.  How will you measure your success, and then how will you rewards yourself for your achievements?

It is important to chunk down big goals to maintain momentum and enthusiasm on the journey.

Begin with the end in mind – Steven Covey

Goal Setting for Success Event – 26 January 2016

Once a quarter I run a 1-day Goal Setting for Success Event where business owners discover how to:

  • Beat procrastination and feel less overwhelmed in their business and life
  • Find the time to identify exciting and measurable business and life goals
  • Create a 12-month business growth plan and use it to make 2016 the best business year ever
  • Understand how effective outsourcing can turn their time into profit
  • Learn how to stay motivated by celebrating the successes to maintain excitement and momentum

If you can identify with any of the above then this event is for you!

Be an Early Bird

As a business owner you are well aware that the early bird gets the best deal! At the moment you can take advantage of the early bird special offer for the next 1-Day Goal Setting for Success Event which is being held on 26 January 2016 in London (Liverpool Street).

Got your Place already? **Play it forward, if you have already secured your early bird place why not share this opportunity with a friend or business colleague. Help them make 2016 the best business year ever.**

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