I asked Abigail to speak at the Future Assistant Conference in February 2019, and I was so impressed with her session. She is an excellent speaker, incredibly warm and generous with the audience and a breath of fresh air! Her productivity tips are fantastic. I love that she concentrates on why we are not productivity rather than repeating all the productivity tips we all know but don't use! She took the time to understand the audience, and that came through during her session. I would highly recommend Abigail as a speaker and trainer.

Nicky Christmas, Practically Perfect PA

I asked Abigail to attend one of the three learning and development events held by The Assistant Room every year with a focus on time management and how to excel in that field when you're already a pro. We worked together to create a session that was specifically aimed towards the audience (all senior level PAs') on the evening and she was incredible to watch! The audience was engaged throughout with Abigail leading an insightful session that was though provoking, realistic and personal. She is an amazing asset to any business and has a unique story that strengthens her ability to relate to anyone and everyone more than the average person. Thanks Abigail for your amazing hard work and dedication to what you do!

Jessica Gardiner, The Assistant Room

Abigail delivered a time-management workshop for Enterprise Nation as part of a government-backed programme to support small businesses with their productivity. Abigail is incredibly engaging, personalised the training to the entrepreneurs attended and shared an enormous amount of value and inspiration. I was so grateful that I could attend myself as I personally learnt lots too! We look forward to working closer with Abigail as she is a 5* public speaker and truly knows how to engage an audience.

Lorna Balden, Enterprise Nation

Abigail is passionate, professional, adaptable and a pleasure to work with. She is organised, extremely experienced, and sure to have the wow factor for your audience. The feedback from her session was outstanding scoring 4.17/5. I could not recommend having Abigail as a speaker at your event enough.

Joanne Steel, Practically Perfect PA

I have had the privilege of working with Abigail as a fellow keynote speaker. I am always interested in seeing other presenters perform and make a point of doing so whenever possible. As a result I can honestly say that Abigail is one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of hearing. Her energy is infectious, her message is empowering and relevant and her style is both relaxed and engaging - I could have listened to her all day. The most notable thing about Abigail is that she is genuine and that is a rare quality that she brings to her work and the interactions she maintains after her presentations. I have confidence in recommending her.

Andy Workman, Mindset Mentor

I had the pleasure of working with Abigail through our company HelloGrads. She provided a workshop on 'How to master your time and smash your goals' for the Creative Talent Festival, which we co-hosted with the Uni of Westminster. She also took part in a panel on 'starting out' (in the workplace). Abigail was a positive presence throughout the day and shared so many words of wisdom. She phrased her points succinctly and powerfully giving us some memorable quotes. She was punctual, well prepared and engaged the students she spoke to. I would recommend Abigail to speak for any event regarding careers, wellbeing or corporate training. It's rare to meet somebody who can engage a student and also a CEO, but Abigail's the lady to do it!

Sophie Phillipson, Hello Grads