Q. Do you want to have a successful growth business that provides you with the income you want?

Q. Do you want to create a life of freedom?

Q. Do you find yourself struggling to stay on top of that dream some days?

Q. Do you get distracted by the successes that other people are having, and start questioning your own actions?

Q. Do you start ‘stalking’ your peers on social media to find out what they are doing better than you?

Q. Do you keep chopping and changing your activities, never giving one enough time to get traction?

Q. Do you doubt that you even know what you are doing?

Q. Do you find yourself questioning whether you should even be running your own business?

If you identify with any of the above then this post is for you, you are not alone, and at some point, almost every business owners has felt like this too, including me.

I want to tell you a story that I hope will get you unstuck, refocused, and back on track!

You have no idea how long or how hard someone else has been digging their hole (building their business) but their hole looks better than yours (they just hit a diamond so they must be doing something that you are not).

So you abandon your own activities, business plans, hopes and dreams to jump on their bandwagon and start digging in their hole, filling yours back up in the process. 

Discarding all the progress that you’ve made while you blindly pursue the path someone else has been working. Telling yourself that “it worked for them so it must work for you too”.  

When in reality you were meters away from your own breakthrough. 

Running a business is not like winning the lottery, it is the constant actions that you take on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis that compound. Over time you create a profitable growth business.

Of course, you can hustle a deal here or there, sell a popular product, surf a trend, hop on a bandwagon and make some quick money, but do not confuse this with creating a growth business. This way of doing business works for some people, who have a natural talent for spotting opportunities and capitalising on them, but this it is not for everyone, and it is not a business model that in my opinion you can be taught as I believe it is a natural skill, and quite frankly a distraction for anyone serious about building a legacy business that they can grow year on year.

But if you hate running your business, and all you want to do is what makes you happy, then do that working for someone else. Because ‘running’ a business is more than half the job. 

Running a business requires administration, sales, accounting, systems and processes, as well as a plan, goals, overheads and investment in infrastructure.

If you really don’t like doing any of the above, to the point that you put off doing it, then I highly recommend that you go and work with someone else and spend all your time doing what you love. 

There are no shortcuts in the early days you have to do it all. This is the resourceful entrepreneur phase. This is what is required to build a business (I am not saying this must be perfect, but these activities do need to be done for your business to survive, and you not to be fined for failure to pay tax for example). 

So if you really hate that side of business, then find someone doing what you love and work with them.

“How your earn your money is more important than what you earn.” Gary Vaynerchuck

You must really love what you do and love the life that you are creating and living. You only get one.

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