Goal Setting for Success with Abigail Barnes








As an ex ‘story teller’ I can always spot another ‘story teller’…the trouble is that this ‘skill’ doesn’t make me popular, and as a coach I know better than to point out the nose on the end of someone’s face!


Inspirational story telling is an amazing skill in life, it is what makes people want to be your friend, to hangout with you, to buy from your business, it allows you to connect with your clients and potential clients.

But ‘BS Story Telling’ becomes your enemy when you find yourself saying things like “I know that” or “I don’t need to do XYZ”…or “I have read that book, so I don’t need to read another” or, “I have watched so many TED talks I don’t need to see another one”, or “I don’t need to attend that event because I have already done one like it.”

There is a HUGE difference between knowing something and doing something. It is the reflection of your happiness, is is the sum of money that you have in your bank account, it is your turnover, it is your feelings of contentment with your life.

As humans we want to learn, but our biggest fear is applying that learning. We know the ‘know-know’, but it is only the ‘unknown-unknown’ that will truly stretch and grow us.


Now success is an interesting one because it depends how you view it, (and yes we can debate its meaning all day) but for today let’s assume that we are viewing success as being the business and life that we want, the gross profits that we are making and the time freedom that we have.

In order to achieve this kind of ‘success’ we need to take different action. We need to silence the BS story teller, and listen to what our feelings are telling us, and then take action which is the unknown.

Richard Branson had never started an Airline before but he did and now we have Virgin Atlantic, Richard Reed & Team had never started a juice drink company before but they did and now we have Innocent Drinks, Sara Blakely had never made women’s hosiery before, but she did and now we have Spanx.


The key to success lies in taking action. So if you have attended training for Goal Setting before, read books, bought courses…you will know that implementing what you learned is the key to your success. But did you implement what you learned? Did you take any action or did you take notes, and add the book to your shelf development?

If now is the time for you to make a change in your life, to take action, to over come fear and procrastination or just to learn how to dream and the steps that you can take to make them a reality then join me on 20 October for my 1-Day Goal Setting for Success Program where I will be doing all of this and more.

If you don’t know me and what motivates me then read my recent blog titled I just found my WHY and I have to share it with you! This training day is not going to be like anything you have ever done before, WHY? Because I have been to them all taken the notes and done nothing!


My aim for this 1-day Training is that you leave with your own timeline of activities for 2016, you will lean how to spot your own stories and understand how to overcome them yourself (beat procrastination). You will get clear on your business and life goals, get excited and understand how you can take action to make them a reality.

We are going to be interactive from the beginning, and in addition to all of the top tips and secrets that I am going to share with you, which have been amassed from my life long learning, I will also be revealing my top tips for effective Networking that converts (a bonus gift for this event is my 7 Top Tips for Effective Networking which is not available anywhere else).


I am offering a Satisfaction Guarantee for this event because my one intention for the day is that you leave and TAKE ACTION, and to create a business and life you REALLY want to live and CAN MAKE A REALITY!

So join me in London on 20 October for my 1-day Goal Setting for Success Program. I am the author of Time Management for Entrepreneurs, and as part of your bonus you will also receive your own copy of my book which has helped hundreds of Business Owners & Entrepeneur to turn their time into profit.

I can’t wait to meet you on 20 October. Now is your Time to Live!

If you have any further questions you can email me at [email protected]