My uncle has a saying…Love is spelt T.I.M.E. What he means is that how you spend your time demonstrates your love for others.

The real value of time is not only monetary, it’s also a demonstration of love. It’s a message that what you are doing and with whom really matters to you, in fact it matters so much that you have dedicated your time to doing it.

The trouble with time is it’s intangible and is one of those things, on the whole, you do not miss it until it is gone, once it is gone – you can never get it back.

‘No man is rich enough to buy back his past’ Oscar Wilde 

To modernise the quote, no one can ever get back the time they’ve spent, no matter how much money a person may have it cannot be bought back.

Which is why understanding the value of your own time is such an important lesson of life. The time you spend doing one thing can’t be spent doing something else, so choose wisely how you spend your time, with whom (because it affects how you feel, I will discuss this in more detail in another post) and make sure you’re enjoying what you are doing in that moment, because the ‘journey’ to anywhere is part of the whole experience.

Too often we get caught up in ‘when I get there’, or ‘when I have done XYZ’ and you forget that the journey to anywhere is your life and more importantly it’s your time you’re using – so you have to enjoy it! Otherwise what is the point!!

Life is a roller coaster, difficult challenges are constantly thrown our way – the trick is to get back up when you get knocked down and keep on going – because winners always find a way!!

Whatever you’re doing and with whomever remember this:


Enjoy your family and friends and get the most out of every minute that you have – because this is your LIFE, right here, right now, not when XYZ is done, this actually is it, the good the bad and the damn frustrating.

And when it all gets too much – just laugh and sing the wrong words to songs and remember, the sun always comes out after the rain – nothing lasts forever!!! ☺