Abby's Chia Protein BallsToday I made some Chia Seed Protein Balls, they are a healthy daily snack to help regulate your blood sugar levels and sugar cravings as ingredients include Rice Malt Syrup and Coconut Oil.  For my first attempt I bought a ‘packet mix’ as I wanted to save experimentation time!

I am now confidently looking forward to creating new and innovative recipes around the core pillars.  Some people add dates, I am thinking dates and walnuts and dried cranberries and crushed almonds… I will keep you posted on the outcome.

How does this relate to Time Management?  I find that I operate better when I am not hungry and addicted to sweets and chocolate, also I use cooking as my time to ‘think through’ problems away from my laptop. It helps me be creative and ensures that I have healthy momentum sustaining snacks for the week, as this batch made 24. You wouldn’t want to eat more than 3 per day! So you can keep some in the fridge and freeze the remainder until later in the week!