This week’s tips are focused on helping you to create clarity about what you want, making you more productive from the minute you wake up.

Every Tuesday I will share 3 Tips to help you increase your Productivity, some you will like, some you won’t. Your key to success and ruthless productivity is to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

The amazing thing about the human race is that EVERYONE is different, and has a unique approach…do what works for you!

1. Know what you want

Do you have a 12-Month Plan for your business, and your life? Without dreams, hopes, aspirations, there is no way you are going to become more productive for the simple reason you have nothing to motivate you. Without a ‘why’ that means something to you, there is no reason for you to do anything…this is the number one reason people feel dissatisfied with their lives, they have no purpose. Every day is like something out of that old movie Ground Hog Day.

Step 1: If you don’t have a plan…spend 30-minutes today making a list of all the things you want to do in business/work/life this year, and DON’T be realistic! Write down everything that comes into your head. At this stage your job is not to worry about how you will make them a reality, your job is to have a list.

Step 2: If you do have a plan, spend 30-minutes reviewing it, and ask yourself honestly does it inspire you? If not repeat the step 1 above.

Step 3: Are you a member of Time Management Turnaround? If yes watch the video I did on creating your Vision Board and create one, if you’re no, click here to join free.

Step 4: Create a Vision Board – Life without dreams is an empty existence.

2. Become aware of who you spend time with

Your success is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with according to the late Jim Rohn. Scientists also refer to this as the law of averages.

These people will have the greatest impact on how you see yourself, the beliefs that you hold about what’s possible, and the amount of effort you put into activities will all come down to their views on ‘success’ and your need to conform/fit in.

In 1954 Roger Bannister was the first athlete to run the 4-Minute Mile in less than 4 Minutes (3:59.4) experts said for years that the human body was incapable of doing it…a few months later John Landy ran it in 3:57.9 and since then a steady stream of athletes around the world have run sub 4-Minutes.

Beware the beliefs of others…nothing is impossible. Where there is a will there is always a way!     

3. Stop having average thoughts

My goal is to help you get your time back, the idea that you need to work harder in order to do that will stop you from ever becoming truly productive.

To get more productive this week I want you to dream bigger than you ever have before.

The problem is not that you don’t have enough time, the problem is that either you don’t actually have a big enough challenge, or that you don’t have enough clarity about what you want to do and why you want to do. See Point 1.

When your reasons to become productive are bigger than your current challenges – then you will become a productivity machine!   

Tune in next Tuesday for 3 more tips to keep you productive & maximising your businesses greatest resource, your time.

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