Handle things once, create a new habit of decisiveness.

Running a business brings with it a million tasks, and if you are a Solopreneur/SME then you will be responsible for ALL of them.

Rather than creating multiple files and folders, piles and adding more tasks to your to-do list instead, try ACTIONING them as you go.

It will be stressful in the beginning as your mind adapts to this new way of working, but quickly you will develop the ability to make faster decisions.

Of course, a decision could be allocating time to carry out the task, equally, it could be deleting rather than saving an email, or saying no rather than thinking about it.

If it helps you can divide your decisions into 3 piles. This approach is an unnecessary step for some (more experienced decision makers).

Use it and if it works for you great.

Do it (plan a time to tackle)
Ditch it (hit delete/say no)
Delegate it (outsource to your team/supplier)
Over a 5 day week, this is 2 hours more time.

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